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About The Show

About The Show

Comedian Dave Hill has decided that he’s bolting from his parents’ Cleveland basement.  His quest: to become the monarch of Miami, the city of perfection.  He’ll acquire the most beautiful women, the most enviable wardrobe, the private jet, the $22 million mansion, the cigarette speed boat and become the toast of the town.

Armed with his aggressively applied spray-on tan, too tight suit with pink shirt and tie, and Phil, his oddball bodyguard, Hill begins his quest to conquer Miami.  He meets his competition: the real “Mr. Miami Beach,” Michael Aller, whose actual title is Tourism and Convention Director and Chief of Protocol for Miami Beach.  Aller’s passion for Miami Beach threatens Hill’s plans to assume his position as King.  Like many of Miami’s elite, Hill seeks out stylists, plastic surgeons, physical trainers, photographers, realtors, artists, bodyguards/security experts, motivational speaking instructors, to help him attain stardom.

“Dave Hill sticks out as someone who doesn't quite belong, but who thinks he's the coolest thing," said Elyse Roth, Producer/Director of The King of Miami. "In his own endearing way, he holds a mirror up to the quirky culture of Miami and reveals some of the outrageous superficiality he encounters. But he must be onto something.  Dave Hill was recently named by Variety as one of ‘10 Comics to Watch’.”

Some of Hill’s exploits involve working out with a beautiful but tough bikini-clad physical trainer on the beach.   He consults with a board-certified plastic surgeon about getting his butt lifted.  Like all the Miami glitterati, he procures a clothing stylist/personal shopper and photographer who attempt to provide Hill with the authentic Miami look.  He looks to buy a Donzi speed boat and to lease a jet.  He tours a $22 million dollar home that’s ready for him to move in.  He even tries Salsa lessons.  Ultimately, viewers get to see if Hill succeeds in achieving his goal of becoming King or just slinks away into the Miami sunset.


Dave Hill

Dave Hill's Bio

Address him as Your Majesty, please.

Dave Hill was destined to rule the $!#! out of Miami way before he was even thought of. After moving out of his parent’s basement in Cleveland, Ohio, Dave’s journey to the throne began with the sweetest spray tan Miami had ever seen.  He quickly acquired Phil, his completely useless body guard, to protect him from his own obscurity and remind him of his “awesomeness”. Dave and his one man army, equipped with utter cluelessness, were now ready to complete their take over mission one hideous Hawaiian shirt at a time. Dave spent his days carefully planning the important parts of his total domination: Jai Alai, hot dogs and hot chicks. One butt doctor and two Mojitos later, Dave was living high on his Vespa and smiling at his awesome defeat. More about Dave at


PhilPhil’s Bio

Just call him Phil.

It doesn’t matter where Phil was born because his life didn’t officially begin until he met Dave Hill one awesome Miami day ….on the internet. Phil quickly became Dave’s dark shade, yellow sweater wearing body guard and was set to take orders and protect Dave from a far while secretly plotting his overthrow. It didn’t matter that he knew nothing about the art of protection…all that mattered was that his skills as a bodyguard were rivaled only by his in depth PHILopsophies on life.